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Bowdoin Students, Alumni Connect Across the Country Archives

DSC_0129Over winter break, Bowdoin Career Planning and Bowdoin Alumni Relations organized a series of networking events for students and alumni in cities across the country.

“Connections” take place every two years in five locations: San Francisco, Washington D.C., Chicago, New York, and Boston. This January, 659 people — including Bowdoin trustees, officers of the College, alumni, and students — attended the parties.

The recent receptions were hosted by local alumni: Rich Maggiotto ’96, San Francisco; Dana Kreuger ’99, Chicago; Greg Bowes ’82, Washington, D.C.; Andy Serwer ’81, New York; and Sydney Asbury ’03, Boston. Newly announced senior vice president for Development and Alumni Relations, Rick Ganong ’86, attended the Boston event as well.

Connections helps bring together members of the Bowdoin Career Advisory Network, according to Todd Herrmann, associate director of Career Planning. BCAN “is the major vehicle for connecting current Bowdoin students with alumni,” he said, “and it is the source of hundreds of jobs and internships, as well as the foundation for thousands of career-related conversations each year.” BCAN is open to members through the Bowdoin Alumni Gateway and LinkedIn. To alert Career Planning to a job or internship for Bowdoin applicants, email