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License to Play: Sherburne Publishes ‘Maine Plate Games & Puzzles’ Archives


With a lot on her plate already as the College’s Social Media Director, Holly Sherburne has published the second of two books having to do with her hobby photographing personalized license plates.

Sherburne, whose blog The Maine Plate regularly showcases her latest finds and other compilations, has just published The Maine Plate: Games & Puzzlesfilled with word finds, crossword puzzles, matching games and more.

“After publishing The Maine Plate Book, in 2010, I saw how popular the games in that book were — but there were only three or four of them,” said Sherburne.

“I decided to do a complete puzzle and game license plate book — something inexpensive to have fun with or pick up as a gift. The book uses photos of about 300 real Maine license plates. You decipher the plates as clues to the crossword puzzles, wordfinds, matching games, and more. Some of the games are easy, but some of them are pretty tough.”

Listen to Sherburne discuss the book on 92 Moose FM.