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Art Students Explore Time in New Edwards Center Show Archives

 James Boeding '14 performs his piece, representing his time as a college sophomore in this photo

James Boeding ’14 performs his piece, which represents his time as a college student

Bowdoin art students traveled through notions of time this semester in the course “Art and Time” taught by Adjunct Lecturer in Art Julie Poitras Santos. On Nov. 16 they presented their work in the gallery opening of a new exhibition – Chronometry, The Art of Time – in the Edwards Center for Art and Dance.

Some of the student pieces are deeply personal, covering an artist’s progress through college or sharing memories of a beloved family member. Others are based on the artist’s direct interaction with the viewer. Some are performed; others installed.

“How do we understand the relationship between time and space? How might we challenge or reinvent cultural perspectives of time? How are rhythms evinced or created by works of art? These are some of the questions students asked in the process of creating their pieces,” Poitras Santos explained.

As part of their class the students also delved into the study of time by reading works by psychologists, theorists, novelists and artists, and by examining and discussing many different pieces of historical and contemporary art.

Ella Blanchon ’16, James Boeding ’14, Daniel Eloy ’15, Haley Gewandter ’14, Anna Reyes ’15, and Minnie Kim ’14 participated in the exhibition, which will be up until Dec. 3 in Edwards Room 116.