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Food Truck Offers Special Daytime Taste to Appetize Faculty, Staff Archives

For one day only, the CampusFoodTruck — a student-owned and run operation — opened while the sun was out. Propping up their truck windows and letting the fast-food smells waft over Coe Quad, the three owners — Steve Borukhin ’14, Monty Barker ’16 and Ben Citrin ’16 — last Friday at lunchtime cooked up burgers and fries for faculty and staff who were curious about the offerings.

Borukhin launched CampusFoodTrucks, Inc. last year along with Isaac Brower ’13 and Eric Edelman ’13. It’s open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m., and serves late-night chow from its corner spot in the parking lot behind Smith Union.