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Energy-Saving Lights Brighten Greason Pool Archives

A recent evening at Greason Pool

A recent evening at Greason Pool

Bowdoin has modernized the lighting at the LeRoy Greason Pool, swapping out the pool’s old metal halide bulbs for energy-efficient LED fixtures.

“We now have LEDs in the locker rooms, overhead pool lights, the wall packs around the pool deck and the exterior of the building,” said Keisha Payson, the coordinator for a sustainable Bowdoin.

While the wattage on the bulbs have decreased — from 1,000 watts to 276 watts on the interior lights, and from 110 watts to 26 watts on the exterior lights — the quality of light seems to be unchanged, according to Brad Burnham, head coach for men and women’s swimming.

“They’re just as bright as before,” Burnham said. “People come in and don’t notice any difference.”

Plus, the lights instantly turn on, unlike the old system which took several minutes to attain full brightness. When these lights were accidentally turned off or went out due to a power surge, it would interrupt activities for 15 to 20 minutes, which could be frustrating during a meet, Burnham said.

Now because the lights are so responsive, Burnham said he’s more inclined to turn them off to save even more energy.

Alex Tougas ’14, co-president of Bowdoin Green Athletes and a swimmer, said he’s “very pleased” that the lights have been brought to one of his most important spots on campus. “The lights make the pool area brighter and, most importantly, help Bowdoin attain its goal of carbon neutrality by 2020. It is great to see the College following through on its commitment to climate change mitigation through this and other initiatives.”