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A Night for Bowdoin’s International Stars Archives

A Night for International Stars from Bowdoin College on Vimeo.

The recent annual International Talent Show brought out gifted Bowdoin musicians from around the world, including a mathematician rapper, to perform for a big crowd this year.

After dining on dishes catered by local Indian, Chinese, Italian, Thai and Vietnamese restaurants, students settled in for the evening entertainment. The event was sponsored by the Bowdoin International Club and emceed by Kaylee Wolfe ’15.

Performers included Postdoctoral Fellow of Mathematics aBa Mbiriki, who rapped about the surjective, bijective and injective and has international parents. Yunhui Jeong ’15, Viet Ngyuen ’14, Yabing Liu ’15 and Jing Trerayapiwat ’16 all sang multilingual songs, mixing English with Vietnamese, Chinese, French or Korean.

Lucy Luo ’16 played a Chinese song on piano, and Summer Xia 16 performed a traditional Chinese song on the oboe. Finally, Assistant Professor of Music Michael Quintero brought in his Latin American Ensemble to perform religious Afro-Cuban and Afro-Colombian songs to conclude the night’s line-up.