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Masque and Gown presents ‘Den of Thieves’ Archives

What do a compulsive overeater, a wannabe Puerto Rican, a stripper, and an African-American Jew have in common?

Kleptomania, of course! At least, that’s the case with four characters in Den of Thieves, a play written by Stephen Adly Guirgis and directed at Bowdoin by Masque and Gown Artistic Director Jennifer (Jenni) Stobiecki ’13. The play ran from Thursday, Feb. 21 through Saturday, Feb. 23.

The comedy follows four small-time thieves as they try to steal from a club; little do they know the club is owned by mob boss Big Tuna. Prompted by softhearted mob son Little Tuna, the four are forced to fight for their lives by arguing, “Why society would suffer if I died.”

“I wanted to direct Den of Thieves because it is not politically correct. It is not polite,” Stobiecki articulates in her director’s note. “However, it displays so many truthful moments about people and the stereotypes we choose to give ourselves. The play entices us to openly confront our misconceptions and first impressions, which will ultimately help us all find better ways to relate to one another.”

Story by Margot Howard ’13, Photos by Emily Tong ’11

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