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Prof. Allen Wells on ‘Hugo Chávez: A Bundle of Contradictions’ Archives

Allen Wells, Bowdoin’s Roger Howell Jr. Professor of History, is spending his sabbatical year conducting research into Latin America’s crusade for democracy during the Cold War. Last summer, he spent time in Venezuela, getting a chance to witness some of the final weeks of Hugo Chávez’s regime. In this video, Wells discusses Chávez and his legacy, addressing the riddle of the man who led Venezuela for 14 years. Why did the leader inspire both intense loathing and veneration? What are the future prospects for his revolution? And can the United States and Venezuela forge stronger ties now that Chávez is dead?

Prof. Allen Wells on “Hugo Chávez: A Bundle of Contradictions” from Bowdoin College on Vimeo.

Photos courtesy of Allen Wells or licensed by Creative Commons