Listen: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Bowdoin, May 6, 1964

Dr. and Mrs. Fred Stoddard '64 at the Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington, DC.

In 1964 as president of the Political Forum, Fred Stoddard ’64 invited Martin Luther King Jr. to speak at Bowdoin about the civil rights movement and the importance of ending segregation and discrimination in America. On May 6, 1964, Stoddard and President Coles introduced the Reverend King to an overflowing crowd at First Parish Church.

“Interestingly,” Stoddard writes, “one of my Harvard Medical students who went to Morehouse College’s sister school, Spelman, recently told me that the talk there now is that MLK’s trip to Maine was a turning point for him as he fought for the Voting Rights bill.”

Listen to the recording (flash player required):


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