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Students Return to High Schools as Bowdoin Ambassadors Archives

Dozens of Bowdoin students will be sharing insights about their experience at the College as they return to their hometowns and visit their high schools over winter break. Fifty-six students – the biggest number to date – represent 21 states, 19 of which are outside of New England, and two countries.

“This is one of many programs that we run to help students all over the country get to know Bowdoin,” says Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Scott Meiklejohn.

“It links in important ways to the work of BASIC [Bowdoin Alumni and Schools Interviewing Committee], to our staff travel to high schools, our visits to community-based organizations, and our invitations for guidance counselors to visit the campus. Some of our applicants have a chance to visit the campus for tours, etc. But as Bowdoin becomes an increasingly national college, it’s especially important that students who live farther away, students whose families may not be able to take them on extensive (or any) college tours, and students who may not know much about the liberal arts colleges or who live in parts of the country (or other countries in the world) where there are few colleges like Bowdoin, get the chance to hear about Bowdoin and the opportunities here from a currently enrolled student. I appreciate all of the students who are participating, and I’m excited to see not only that it’s a record number, but also a record number of students returning to their schools outside New England and outside the United States. That is fantastic for Bowdoin.”

The participating students are part of Bowdoin’s Student Admissions Volunteer Organization.