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Slideshow: Couples Dine in Romantic Style in Daggett Lounge Archives


This November is Date Month at Bowdoin. In honor of the tradition, students in the Alliance for Sexual Assault Prevention (ASAP) have put on a number of campus events around the theme of dating and romantic relationships. The month is intended to promote safe, healthy dating and to encourage people get to know one another outside of parties.

While in the past students have organized Date Week, this year they spread the activities over a month. And instead of sending couples out on the town with gift certificates to local restaurants, ASAP member Laurel Varnell ’14, with help from the alliance’s co-directors, Matt Frongillo ’13 and Kendall Carpenter ’15, coordinated a fancy Date Night meal last Friday in Daggett Lounge.

Photos by Emily Tong ’11