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Students listen to Mike Kolster, associate professor of art, describe the McKee Photography Grant, one of Bowdoin

If Bowdoin students want to travel to Bangladesh to work in business, they should seek the Anwarul Quadir Fellowship. If they’d rather work for a nonprofit that serves the disadvantaged, they should apply for a Preston Public Interest Career Fund. If they want to volunteer in Kenya, Peru, India – anywhere outside of the United States – they should apply for the Global Citizens Grant. If they want to pursue biology research, they can live and work at the Bowdoin Scientific Station on Kent Island in the Bay of Fundy. Or, if they’d prefer to stay on campus and do research in advance of their senior honor’s project, they should apply for a Surdna Fellowship. Students can also apply for one of the 100 or so hourly-wage summertime positions available on campus, from communications to admissions.

Last night in Moulton Union, many students came out to hear from Bowdoin staff and faculty about the dizzying array of possibilities available to them over the summer. Bowdoin has a number of fellowships and grants that in many cases allow students to pursue self-devised projects, including independent research or internships that otherwise would not have been paid, both in the U.S. and around the world. Whatever a student’s interest, it’s likely that there is a grant, a fellowship or a position here that supports that passion.

Students peruse literature about Bowdoin’s funded internship programs

The grants are administered by Student Fellowships and Research, the McKeen Center, Environmental Studies, academic departments, and Career Planning.

This year, Career Planning has also added to its list of funded internships. Last year, the office funded 26 student projects; this year it can support as many as 38. Adding to its five grant programs are three new ones: the Anwarul Quadir Fellowship, which places a student in a business in Bangladesh; the Bowdoin College Alumni Council Internship Fund, which supports a student taking an unpaid internship to explore a career field; and the Strong/Gault Social Advancement Internship Grant, which funds students who work for a for-profit or nonprofit developing innovative programs or services to help underdeveloped areas.

Dighton Spooner, associate director of career planning, urged students to take advantage of these funds to explore and discover different career fields. “You have three summers between your first year and senior year at Bowdoin,” he said. “You want to make these summers count.”