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Bowdoin Artists Collaborate on Portland Gallery Show Archives

Bridget Spaeth, Slender Subtle Arc, 2012, acrylic media on bent wood panel, 3 x 28 x 3 inches

Paintings by two Bowdoin employees – Jessica Gandolf, adjunct lecturer in art and parent of a current Bowdoin student, and Bridget Spaeth, who works in the Language Media Center – can be seen in a current show at the Rose Contemporary Gallery. The show also includes work by a third artist, Penelope Jones, who teaches at Bates College.

Spaeth said she and her partners are pleased at how “Expanding Fields” hangs together. “I’ve been thinking about the ways in which institutions like Bowdoin are such great partners in the creative economy of Southern Maine,” Spaeth noted. “We three painters connected outside of Bowdoin, yet our connections are that much more layered and proximate when seen through the Bowdoin lens.”