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Carbon Neutral by 2020


The College’s greenhouse gas emissions in fiscal year 2012 totaled 14,467 metric tons – a 24% reduction compared to those of base year 2008, when Bowdoin’s carbon reduction plan was announced. Details are reported in the Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Update.

“Although we received a considerable amount of help from mother-nature in the form of a mild winter, the trend over the past four years is clear and encouraging,” reads the report prepared by the College’s Sustainability Implementation Group. “Achieving carbon neutrality, however, will take time and dedication. Reducing campus greenhouse gas emissions will require action by everyone on campus. Our goal is to continue the ongoing effort of making the behavioral goals of the carbon neutrality plan visible, clear, and easy to understand. Looking forward, we are excited about the many ongoing initiatives to reduce GHG emissions at the College.”

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