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Alvin Hall ’74 Explores the Alistair Cooke Archive in New BBC Series (BBC) Archives

Alvin Hall '74 at London Stock Exchange

Alvin Hall '74 (second from right) rang the opening bell at the London Stock Exchange at the Market Open Ceremony on October 26th. He was given the honor to mark the beginning of the Exchange's London Investor Show, at which he was a featured speaker.

London-based financial advisor, author, and journalist Alvin Hall ’74 explores the Alistair Cooke Archive as host of a new BBC Radio 4 program called “In Alistair Cooke’s Foosteps” that debuts today, November 6. In the series, Hall travels the United States revisiting the insights and observations of Alistair Cooke’s “Letter from America” on subjects as diverse as jazz, immigration and the American Dream. “Letters from America” appeared on the BBC for 58 years, making it the longest-running speech radio program in history, and Hall’s new series is the first to re-examine some of its popular themes.