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Slideshow: Career Planning’s Yes, No and Maybe Fashions Archives

Students, faculty and staff made it down the runway last night in Smith Union’s Morrell Lounge for a night of fierce fashion fun.

Asher Stamell ’13 hosted this year’s Do’s and Don’ts Fashion Show, produced by Melody Hahm ’13 and Marissa Rosenthal ’14, and organized by Career Planning Associate Director Dighton Spooner. The event was designed to both entertain and inform students about how to dress, and not to dress, for interviews and work.

The always clean-cut Longfellows kicked off the night with a lot of class and a little bit of sass. Stamell followed performances by Kevin Miao ’14 and Stanton Plummer Cambridge ’13 with a rendition of “Wild One” by Katy Perry.

Dapper students waiting backstage walked in turn onto the runway, exhibiting better professional wear judgment than many of their faculty counterparts. Staff and faculty models included Director of Student Activities Allen Delong, Assistant Professor of Romance Languages Nadia Celis, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Jarrett Young and Dining Services’ two Patty’s (Bayrd and Silevinac). Math Professor Aba Mbirika exhibited the best professional taste of the bunch.

Lessons learned? Wear pantyhose with a skirt. Better to overdress. Iron clothes. Two spritz of cologne is enough, and don’t go to clown school for makeup.

Booty dropping, finger hair-combing having come to an end, Stamell and Spooner raffled off prizes up to $200 for Banana Republic, Barbour and Brooks Brothers, which together sponsored the event.

Story by Melissa Wiley ’13. Photos by Dennis Griggs.