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Michael LoBiondo ’06 Performs with Jazz Piano Legend Allen Toussaint (Rye Patch) Archives

Michael LoBiondo '06 with Allen Toussaint. © Allison Murphy for the Capitol Theatre.

When Michael LoBiondo ’06 went to a jazz concert in Port Chester, N.Y., he had no idea he would become part of the opening act, improvising alongside jazz piano great Allen Toussaint.

“I tried to watch his chord changes as best I could and we were mimicking each other’s style as much as possible,” says LoBiondo, who was a music major who focused on composition. “He would play soft, so I would play soft. I would play a lick and he would follow. It was completely spontaneous and probably the purest music I’ve ever played.”  LoBiondo’s impromptu “performance of a lifetime” is covered in an article in the Rye Patch.