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Yimin Peng ’14 Samples Every Cote Ice Cream Flavor, Writes Blog Archives

Over the summer Yimin Peng, who had a job in the Admissions office, embarked on a quest to try every flavor of ice cream sold by Cote’s, the beloved ice cream shack on Maine Street.

In her blog, The Inside Scoop, Peng describes all 30 flavors, from Orange Pineapple to Almond Joy. She frankly assesses qualities such as taste, texture and ingredient ratios. She rates the flavors 1 to 10, but adds the disclaimer: “I have to admit that I love ice cream wholeheartedly and probably would not give out any 1’s.”

Peng also details the techniques of her  study (e.g. “I only get the ice cream in a cup. The white pristine Styrofoam of the cup allows me to focus solely on the ice cream itself, instead of being distracted by the dangers of dripping ice cream or softening cones”) and gives credit to other comprehensive Cote’s Ice Cream fans. “I’m definitely not claiming to be unique in this plan,” she writes. “I know quite a few people who are in the midst of working their way through the flavors. However, I am the only one I know of actually documenting this.”