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Right after fall semester began, Bowdoin Career Planning kicked into full gear to help prepare seniors for the future. In all the talk of networking, resume building and interview practicing, seniors have admitted to a range of emotions about graduating and to a wide range of readiness. Some already have jobs lined up, some have vague notions of what they want to do next, and some are waiting for another day to make up their minds. Here are some of their thoughts about life after graduating.

Interviews by Margot Howard ’13; photos by Emily Tong ’11.

Asher Stamell
“¢”I know [building a career is] going to be a long process, but I’m up for the battle, and I know it’s all about patience. I have older siblings who have gone through this process before, so I know it works out in the end.”
“¢ (On working with the Career Planning Center): “I like to use them as a reference for general how-to’s in networking; what’s appropriate, what’s not.”


Melanie Gaynes
“¢ “I’d like to go into public health. I’m currently writing an honors thesis on health indicators in West Virginia. This will help give me an idea of how public health research works. I also interned at the Maine Center for Disease Control.”
“¢”Graduating feels far away, but I’m sure I will be more nervous as it approaches. I’m trying to take it one day at a time.”


Lianna Bessette
“¢ “The Bowdoin Teacher Scholars program is one of the reasons why I came to Bowdoin, so I plan to pursue that program after graduation with the ultimate goal of teaching high school. I am a teaching minor and will have spent 36 hours in the classroom by the end of this semester, and will have even taught a couple of my own lessons. I am excited to graduate.”



Kacey Berry
“¢ “After graduation I’m hoping to work in a neuroscience lab and maybe do some theater on the side. I’m applying for a research Fulbright, maybe in California.”


Tasha Sandoval
“¢ (On feelings about graduation): “Mostly panic, but some relief in a change of pace.”
“¢ “After graduation, I’d like to spend more time internationally at first. After that, go into museum work. I’d like to go to grad school for museum and heritage studies. I’m a history major and art history minor, I’ve interned at the District 6 museum in South Africa on a global citizens grant from the McKeen Center, and I’m a leader for SMAC- “˜Student Museum and Arts Collective.'”


Sasha Davis
“¢ “I’m hoping to get my teaching certification. Right now I’m looking for a way to feed myself between graduation and when the certification program starts.”



Juan Gomez
“¢ “I’m interested in advertising. So much of advertising is about determining what the consumer wants, and as a psychology major, this is something that the psych department helps me focus on.”
“¢ (On graduating): “I’m a little anxious, but excited at the same time for what’s ahead.”




Chris Kan
“¢ “I am applying for a Fulbright with the long term goal of pursuing academia in biology – preferably marine biology so I can work with disadvantaged communities.”
“¢ “I love both independent research and inspiring others, so that points to a career in academia.”



Jenni Stobiecki
“¢ “My dream job would be helping playwrights with the history and background of their plays, either working on Broadway or internationally. I would eventually go to grad school for dramaturgy and pursue internships in the dramaturgical field beforehand. Aspects of my Bowdoin career that have helped me prepare for this field include being an English and theater interdisciplinary major, being the artistic director of Masque and Gown, and serving as the assistant director and dramaturge for the department play End of Summer.”


Mike Bottinelli
“¢ “Nope. No set plans.”
“¢ “My dream job would be to pay the bills by learning cool things and explaining it to people.”


Robert Deveny
“¢ “I just took the MCATS today. The rotation for acceptance into medical school starts really early, though, so I might have to wait a year before going to medical school. I’ve worked in the ER for the last four years, so that is the field I am most interested in. I could also be a drifter. I try to be employable.”


Tess Chardiet

“¢ “I am deliberately not stressing about it and trying to enjoy senior year.”


Raksa Son
“¢ “I want to be a research assistant in Boston after graduation, and then apply to P.A. school. I was pre-med, but then decided that being a P.A. would be a better choice for me because the time spent in school is much less. That way, I can start working in the “˜real world’ sooner but still do what I love, which is helping patients.
“¢ “I took advantage of the networking event in Boston; it helped by getting me to put myself out there and practice networking.”