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Teona Williams '12

Before Teona Williams ’12 graduated in May, she learned she had been awarded a competitive Watson Fellowship, allowing her to head off on a yearlong journey around the world. Her plan is to study how communities connect with nature, traveling first to India, then to South Africa, Trinidad, Tobago, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Brazil.

If armchair travelers want to track Williams’ adventures, they can follow her on her travel blog, The Places We Go, that she is writing for the Bangor Daily News.

She introduces herself on her blog in a funny and personal voice: “My name is Teona Williams and I recently graduated from Bowdoin College with a B.A. in history and environmental studies and minor in Africana studies. But don’t worry I promise this is not a blog about yet another unemployed humanities major, this is a blog about a girl who likes nature. Specifically, how nature has blessed her with the strength to leave the country for a year and find others like her. This year I am the proud recipient of the Watson Fellowship, a fellowship that provides financial support for a year of solo travel working on your passion. The stipulation is that you cannot return to the U.S. for year. So my first blog is not only an introduction to my adventure, but also a look into my mental state as I prepare to leave my family in a week.”