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‘Globalizing India,’ or ‘Art and the Environment’? Students Choose Classes After Annual Fair Archives


Before classes begin, Bowdoin annually hosts an academic fair for its first-year students in the Morrell Gym. Professors and staff line up along long tables, often with syllabi in hand, to talk up their classes, department majors and other offerings.

On Monday morning, Prof. Matthew Stuart was standing at the philosophy table with his colleagues Scott Sehon and Sarah Conly. He was wearing a T-shirt stenciled with the phrase, “Philosophy is the cure for which there is no disease.”

“I always enjoy the academic fair,” he said. “The students seem so eager and excited to begin their Bowdoin coursework. Very few students come to Bowdoin with much of a background in philosophy, so many of them have questions about where to begin.”

John Bruno ’13, who helped organize this year’s academic fair, said most of the first-year class would come through the gym at some point during the 90-minute fair.

Katherine Gracey ’16 said the academic fair helped her decide on some of her classes, but she also relied on the advice of her peers and her advisor. “I put my trust in the ones with a different perspective, the ones that have been around the block a couple times,” she said, “and I’ll see how that pays off for me at the end of the first semester.”