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Alvin Hall ’74 Publishes New Book, Develops New Radio Series Archives

Alvin Hall '74

Alvin Hall '74


Financial advisor, author, television and radio broadcaster, and trustee emeritus Alvin Hall ’74 has written a new book, The Stock Market Explained, published this year in the U.K.

The Telegraph reports that in the book, Hall “claims that, with a bit of know-how, anyone can be a successful investor.”

Hall has also recently published an essay, “Photography Changes Our Sense of Financial Security,” in Photography Changes Everything, published by the Aperture Foundation. Other notable authors included in the book are Hugh Hefner, John Waters, Candice Bergen and John Baldessari.

Hall is also currently developing a new five-part BBC Radio 4 series on the late Alastair Cooke, and a new TV series.

Hall is known for his many BBC series and programs, including Jay-Z: From Brooklyn to the Boardroom, Alvin’s Guide to Good Business – in which he visited social entrepreneurs around the world, and Your Money or Your Life – in which he helped people gain control over their finances. He is the author of several books on financial planning, including Getting Started in Stocks.

Hall also recently received certificate of recognition from NYSE Euronext for his volunteer work with the Veteran Associate Program, an NYSE initiative to help returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan find employment in the financial services industry.