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Slideshow: The Installation of ‘William Wegman: Hello Nature’ Archives


The Bowdoin College Museum of Art staff has been working over the last few weeks to transform the lower-level galleries for the upcoming exhibition William Wegman: Hello Nature. Together with Wegman and his assistants, and exhibition designer Laura Lindgren, the curators have placed more than 100 works of art, and the staff has implemented a stunning environmental design. This installation incorporates floor-to-ceiling graphics taken from the exhibition catalogue comprising elements borrowed from books over which Wegman pored as a child. (Picture the vibrant orange endpapers of the Hardy Boys mystery novels, for example.) Also featured in the exhibition are painted murals inspired by some of Wegman’s original drawings; these were photographed and projected onto the museum walls and executed by artist Dan Dowd, who also works as a security officer at the Museum. The slideshow offers a sneak peek at the installation in progress. To see more, come to the opening lecture and reception July 14 at 5 p.m.