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Schooner Bowdoin Open for Tours in Castine Tomorrow Archives


The schooner Bowdoin.


The historical society in Castine, Maine, will be offering tours on the famous Arctic schooner during a rare one-day summertime visit from the 91-year-old wooden boat.

The two-masted vessel, a National Historic Landmark, is owned by the Castine-based Maine Maritime Academy and used for training runs to Labrador and Greenland.

The ship was originally commissioned by Arctic explorer Donald MacMillan, Bowdoin Class of 1898, and named after his alma mater, to be sturdy enough for the icy seas of the north. The Bowdoin‘s first voyage included over-wintering at Baffin Island in 1921-22. Because the ship proved so useful in the harsh climate, MacMillan ended up sailing the Bowdoin more than 300,000 miles over 26 voyages to aid his Arctic studies. After a stint in the Navy during WWII, the Bowdoin was sailed for the last time by MacMillan in 1954.

The Castine Historical Society’s exhibit will include artifacts from Bowdoin’s Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum, as well as the Maine Maritime Academy and private collections.