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An Exhibition Unleashed: The Opening of ‘William Wegman: Hello Nature’ at the Museum of Art Archives


The "William Wegman: Hello Nature" exhibition catalog.

"The exhibition itself almost feels like a 3-D version of the catalog," writes Bob Keyes in the Maine Sunday Telegram. "One informs the other, and both elements form equal parts of a larger puzzle. Both feel playful and witty, and full of humor."


William Wegman and his Weimaraners – his actual dogs, not just the celebrated photographs for which he’s perhaps best known – were a hit at the opening of the Bowdoin College Museum of Art exhibition, William Wegman: Hello Nature, over the weekend.

One hundred works of art – photographs, drawings, paintings and video – composed in or inspired by Maine, drew an opening crowd that also took in a keynote address by the artist and a reception.

The Wegman show has been highlighted by a number of media outlets, including the Maine Sunday Telegram, and MPBN Radio News Director Keith Shortall ’82 interviewed Wegman for a segment airing on Maine Things Considered.

A slideshow of images by photographers Angie Devenney and Dennis Griggs captures some of the opening excitement, including an impossibly cute Weimaraner puppy and an appearance by domestic diva and part-time Mainer Martha Stewart.

thumb:Sophie Washington ’19