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Museum of Art Collectors’ Collaborative Spring Gallery Tour 2012 Archives


The Bowdoin College Museum of Art Collectors’ Collaborative, a group of alumni interested in the arts, gathered recently for the group’s annual spring gallery tour in New York City. Hosted by the Museum of Art, this year’s tour focused on contemporary artists, specifically female photographers.

“For our students it is critical to have access to art that was created during their lifetime – since the early 1990s,” says Museum of Art Curator Joachim Homann.

“The Collectors Collaborative helps us to keep our collections current with strategic purchases and it provides terrific networking opportunities for Bowdoin alumni interested in the visual arts.”

Get Involved
Interested in learning about participating in the Collectors’ Collaborative? Email Jennifer Crane in the Annual Giving Office.
Working with the event’s coordinator, Assistant Director of Annual Giving Jennifer Crane “˜05, Alex Glauber “˜06, an independent art consultant in New York, helped organize visits to the Miguel Abreu Gallery, Lisa Cooley Gallery, Bruce Silverstein Gallery, and to his own office and studio.

The Collectors’ Collaborative group was established in conjunction with the Museum’s 2006-2007 renovation project as a way for the Museum to engage alumni with enjoyable and educational events.

Chad MacDermid ’00 and Victoria Lichtendorf ’97 have co-chaired the group since its inception, leading its fundraising and event-planning initiatives.

Each year the group works to raise money through the Alumni Fund and, under the guidance of the Museum’s director and curator, makes an acquisition for donation to the Museum’s collection. Voting on this year’s selection is expected to take place later this month.

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