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Stephen Hannock ’74 Exhibition Opens at Marlborough Gallery Archives


Stephen Hannock '76 stands before his painting "Oxbow for Bowdoin College," a gift from the artist on the occasion of the Museum of Art's renovation and re-opening in 2007.

Artist Stephen Hannock ’74, internationally known for his luminous and atmospheric landscape paintings of flooded rivers, Whistleresque rockets launched into the sky, as well as his depiction of the Connecticut River Oxbow, is the subject of a solo exhibition at New York City’s Marlborough Gallery. Recent Paintings: Vistas with Text opened last week and continues until June 2, 2012. Paintings include an 8 x 20 feet depiction of Niagara Falls and a 6 x 9 feet Oxbow work finished with Hannock’s signature technique of polishing the surface of his paintings – with a power sander.