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Slideshow: Hubbard the Polar Bear Tours Germany Archives

Courtney Reichert '06 and Bree Candland '01 toured Eastern Europe with Hubbard the Polar Bear.


Bree Candland ’01 and Courtney Reichert ’06, teachers at Mt. Ararat High School in Topsham, Maine, recently led a group of Mt. Ararat seniors – including Brianna Bishop, who is part of Bowdoin’s Class of 2016 – on a 10-day trip to Eastern Europe.

The group visited Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Krakow and Budapest, and had a special companion along with them – Reichert’s stuffed Polar Bear, Hubbard.

Candland sent along this image gallery that captures Hubbard’s Eastern European adventures, which included a visit with a real Polar Bear at the Berlin Zoo and a little mischief with a guard at Prague Castle.