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Profile: Sarah Coleman ’03 (Bowdoin Magazine) Archives

Sarah Coleman '03. Illustration by Chelee Ross '12.


This profile originally appeared in the Winter 2012 issue of Bowdoin magazine.

Major: History

Current residence: Austin, Texas

Bowdoin connections: None, but my grandfather went to Bates and my dad went to Colby, so I guess it was Bowdoin’s turn.

Twitter: @s_cole

One work that inspired me to pursue theater: I grew up going to theater and dance. In fifth grade my mother took me to a Mad Horse Children’s Theater production called Know-it-Alls and Nincompoops. I remember the exact seat I sat in. During the show I remember thinking how much I wanted to be backstage making sure all the entrances and exits went smoothly. The next thing I knew I was stage-managing the company’s production of Charlotte’s Web. I still see a lot of theater. A lot. There is a moment or two from almost every play I’ve seen that sticks with me for future use.

On connecting through theater: What I love about theater is that it is an opportunity to tell and hear stories. We all love a good story. The reason I do theater with youth is to give them a chance to discover and share their own experiences, passions, and dreams-to give them a creative voice. Theater does that. It is less about being therapeutic and more about getting to know and understand others’ experiences.

On majoring in history: In the undergrad acting class I’m teaching we are reading Angels in America by Tony Kushner. He references Reaganism and the McCarthy era. I actually pulled out my notes from the “U.S. Since 1945″ class I took with Professor Daniel Levine.

You’re having Shakespeare over for dinner. What do you make? I think we’d just drink some pints. Maybe some Shipyard Export Ale.
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I can’t live without”¦my roller skates. I play roller derby. Not only does it keep me in shape, but it’s a great community of badass women where being loud and aggressive is encouraged.

Most-played song on my iPod: “Women and Country” by Jakob Dylan; and “Otis” by Kanye West and Jay-Z.

Favorite Bowdoin memory: Walking across the quad early in the morning, in any season.