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On Way to Honorary Degree Cynthia McFadden ’78 Talks Family Dinners, Seeks ‘Revenge’ Archives


It seems Cynthia McFadden ’78 is everywhere these days. As co-anchor of ABC’s Nightline, she is, of course, a regular fixture on late-night television, but recently she has also been in The New York Times, made a cameo appearance on a hit TV show, and will soon be back in her native Maine to collect an honorary degree from her alma mater.

Weighing in on the importance of meaningful family discussions around the dinner table, McFadden told The New York Times about her practice of talking about the day’s high and low points with her young son.

“I think it’s really powerful for kids to hear their parents say, “˜I had a fight with my boss and had to go to my bathroom to cry,’ “ says McFadden in the article. “It really gives kids at the table permission to talk about the things they’re struggling with.”

And then there’s her recent dramatic turn playing herself on ABC’s primetime hit Revenge. McFadden recounted the adventure later that night on her own program.