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McKeen Center Announces 2012 Service and Public Engagement Awards Archives


(Back row, l. to r.) Claude Rwaganje, Barry Mills, Ed Laine, Amar Patel '13, Andrew Cushing '12, Judy Montgomery. (Front row, l. to r.) Susie Dorn, Keisha Payson, Abby Suresh '12, Macy Galvan '12.

In supporting the public engagement activities of students, faculty and staff, the Joseph McKeen Center for the Common Good recognized the efforts of several members of the Bowdoin and local community with the presentation of the 2012 Service and Public Engagement Awards May 6. The recipients represent the range of ways in which students, faculty and staff, as well as community partners, work to apply their talents, passions and academic interests “for the benefit of society” as a manifestation of President Joseph McKeen’s call in his inaugural address at the opening of the College more than 200 years ago.