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Eric Loss ’08 Faces Solitude, Rough Seas on his Solo Sea Voyage Archives


Going into his seventh month of his non-stop, solo journey around the world, Eric Loss ’08 is now approaching Tasmania after sailing for weeks without having contact with anyone.

In an excerpt from his blog, he writes about his shock of seeing a jet plane. “It’s almost as if a dream has ended – a dream where days roll by endlessly, marked only by the wind and the clouds and the sun, a long blur of constant motion, action, inaction, brought to a grumbling awakening by a jet headed towards South Africa, covering in a few hours what’s taken me more than a month of blood, sweat, shivering, more than a month of glorious days and agonizing calms.”

In his blog, Loss recounts sightings of sea birds, the changing weather and some harrowing moments, including the capsizing of his 36-foot boat. He calls some of the swells he sees “the biggest moving things that I’ve ever seen … The height and length of the really big sets was awful and amazing at the same time ….”