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End of the Road for Chamberlain’s ‘Imaginary Street’ (Forecaster) Archives

Chamberlain's "Hawthorne Street" was to run through what is now the Longfellow School playground.


The Brunswick Town Council voted this week to do away with a 105-year-old “paper street” – a street that exists on a map, but not in reality.

Civil War hero, Governor of Maine and College President Joshua Chamberlain owned a 35-acre parcel that included what is now the Longfellow School, and in 1907, received approval from the town to create Hawthorne Street, but when he died seven years later with the land still undeveloped, the idea for the street remained just that, except for its inclusion in the town books.

As The Forecaster reports, though one of Chamberlain’s legacies is gone, “not even the most devout historical enthusiast” will likely miss it.