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Call to Duty: The Commissioning of Sage Santangelo ’12 Archives


On this Memorial Day honoring those who died in service to their country, it seems fitting that we recognize those who step up to answer that same call of duty. People like Sage Santangelo ’12, the most recent Bowdoin graduate to enter the U.S. Marine Corps.

Commencement is a day of endings and beginnings for all who walk back down the Museum steps with a diploma in hand, but the next chapter in Santangelo’s life began almost immediately after that with a commissioning ceremony across the Quad.

With family, friends and President Mills in attendance outside the Chapel, Santangelo, a government and legal studies major and biology minor from Fort Collins, Colo., entered the Marines at the rank of Second Lieutenant.

“The Marines provide me an opportunity to really challenge every single part of myself,” says Santangelo, who will go home for the summer before reporting to Quantico for basic officer training in the fall. “I wanted to pursue something that wasn’t necessarily sitting at a desk and this gives me a great opportunity to work as a leader at a young age.”