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Bowdoin Green Athletes Team Up to Champion Sustainability Archives


Bowdoin’s student-athletes are charging forward to champion sustainability, bringing the fight for the Polar Bears to the Polar Bears.

Swim team member Alex Tougas ’14, working with other student-athletes, including volleyball All-American Kristin Hanczor ’12 and tennis player Emma Chow ’15, collaborated with Sustainable Bowdoin Coordinator Keisha Payson, Head Swim Coach Brad Burnham, Director of Athletics Jeff Ward and Professor of Earth and Oceanographic Science Emily Peterman, to organize Bowdoin Green Athletes.

“We’re trying to highlight what we already do,” says Tougas. “For example, using organic fertilizers on fields and having an ultra-sustainable fitness and wellness center, and combining it with innovative work on the part of teams in the form of pledges.”

At a May 2 ceremony, athletes signed on to a mission statement written by Tougas and Payson committing athletes to the College’s carbon neutrality by 2020 mission.