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Bowdoin Film Festival Celebrates Student Films Archives


Screenshot from 'In Bedrooms' by Sarah Siwak '13

The Bowdoin Film Society recently hosted its annual year-end student film festival to honor student movies, giving out awards in several categories.

Best picture, best performance and the audience award went to Senior Spring, by Brian Gladstone ’12. Best writing went to Sarah Siwak ’13 for In Bedrooms. Eli Garrard ’12 won best editing/cinematography for Grand Pause. All of the awards, except for the audience award, were decided by a panel of film society members who didn’t participate in making the films, according to David Shuck ’12, co-president of the film society.

“I thought the quality this year was fantastic,” Shuck writes in an email. “There wasn’t a single film that felt amateurish or hastily thrown together. I found myself thoroughly engaged by every one. I was very impressed by what Bowdoin students made and I have even greater expectations for the future.”

Brian Gladstone ’12 says he’s submitted movies to the Bowdoin student film festival every year, and just recently decided to pursue a career in film making. “I’ve got a passion for the dramatic and visual arts, and film is just a wonderful medium to tell interesting or creative stories,” he says. Senior Spring tells the story of a student fed up with his roommate who doesn’t do his chores. Gladstone calls the movie “savage but funny.”

The film society has about 24 members who regularly attend meetings. In the past four years, Shuck says the club’s popularity has grown a good deal, reflecting students’ increasing interest in making and studying films.

Screenshot from 'Senior Spring' by Brian Gladstone '12

Next year, Bowdoin will be offering for the first time an interdisciplinary film studies program. Film studies was approved as a minor in 2001, and the two classes currently offered will grow to four in the fall. Plus, two faculty members, Associate Professor of English Aviva Briefel and Associate Professor of Asian Studies Shu-chin Tsui, will become members of the department. Tricia Welsch, Bowdoin’s Associate Professor of Film Studies on the Marvin H. Green Jr. Fund, will remain chair.

Other submissions to the festival this year were Onward, by Joe Sise ’14; My Roomate, the Zombie, by Nick Magalhaes ’15; Opening Lines by Linda Alvarez ’13, and Chime of Your Life, which was taken out of competition, made by Shuck and Eric Binswanger ’12.

To watch the movies, go here.