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Video: Author Heidi Julavits on Inspiration, Gravesite Visits and Stalking Her Childhood Home (WCSH) Archives


Portland native Heidi Julavits, author of The Mineral Palace (2000), The Effect of Living Backwards (2003) and The Uses of Enchantment (2006), was on campus recently to read from her latest release, The Vanishers, which The New York Times says, “is told in Julavits’s signature style: sharp-eyed, sardonic, hilarious. Julavits is at her acrobatically linguistic best here. Nearly every page contains a showstopping description or insight.” In between meeting with students and her reading, Julavits sat down with WCSH’s 207 in Massachusetts Hall and spoke about the inspiring teachers in her life – and visiting the gravesite of E.B. White.