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High Schoolers Visit Bowdoin on ‘Aspirations Day’ Archives

Each semester, on Aspirations Day, Bowdoin students host local 9th graders for a day to give them a taste of college life. On Friday, high school students from Brunswick and Vinalhaven toured the campus, participated in two mini-classes-one on music, the other on chemistry-and lunched at Thorne Dining Hall.

They also attended two panel discussions, one on admissions and the application process, and the second with a group of five current Bowdoin students, all from Maine, who answered students’ questions about student life, athletics, and balancing academics and extracurricular activities.

Assistant Music Professor Michael Birenbaum Quintero performs Afro-Latin songs for visiting high school students. Playing with him are Bowdoin students who had taken his World Music Ensemble class.