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Bowdoin’s Bisbee, Wethli Featured in ‘The Art Issue’ (Maine Home+Design) Archives


Lecturer of Art John Bisbee has nailed the cover of Maine Home+Design‘s annual art issue, and LeRoy A. Greason Professor of Art Mark Wethli can be found hammering home some artistic points inside the issue, as well.

The magazine includes an illustrated profile of Bisbee, who has been creating sculptures made exclusively from nails for decades. Wethli comments on Bisbee’s unique and notable approach to teaching in the article, likening his colleague to a coach “who is constantly haranguing his players to work harder and do more -shutting down the lazy, the outliers, the offenders while giving them a way back into the game, and rallying individuals to exceed their own expectations.”

Wethli is also featured in the issue’s Show Stoppers section. His work along with Bisbee’s and three other Maine artists will compose Center for Maine Contemporary Art’s Honors Award Exhibition this spring.