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Ben Freedman ’09 Helping in Effort to Build Afghanistan’s Natural Gas Industry (Washington Post) Archives

Ben Freedman '09. Photo: Washington Post/Dept. of Defense.


As an analyst with the Pentagon’s Task Force for Business and Stability Operations, Ben Freedman ’09 is helping to foster international investment in Afghanistan’s natural gas industry in attempts to bolster the war-torn country’s economy.

“We are introducing the global economy to Afghanistan, while also introducing businesses to Afghanistan,” says Freedman in The Washington Post. “Business people go over to Afghanistan, and it is an eye opening experience for them. They see the challenges, but also the opportunity. We are there to assist.”

Bowdoin Career Planning points out that Freedman is one of several Polar Bears at the Department of Defense hired by Noah Buntman ’08, and joins Catie English ’10 and Adit Basheer ’11 in the same department.