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Listen to the Bowdoin Chapel’s Austin Organ Archives

Listen to the Bowdoin Chapel's Austin Organ


Earlier this week, Bowdoin staff members were allowed a rare look behind and into the Bowdoin Chapel’s large Austin organ.

Delmar Small, Bowdoin’s concert, budget and equipment manager for the music department, explained the mechanics of both the College’s Austin organ and smaller Cooper organ to a small crowd, and then offered a short performance.

2 thoughts on “Listen to the Bowdoin Chapel’s Austin Organ

  1. Marilyn Dunham

    Great! My parents were married there in 1932 (August) and I wonder which organ would have been played. Do you know?

  2. rgoldfin Post author

    I believe the College acquired the Austin organ in 1927, and the smaller Cooper organ was installed in 1975.

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