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Arctic Museum Presents Inuit Art from Rabbi Harry Sky Collection Archives



Few people expect that a rabbi in Maine might be a thoughtful collector of Canadian Inuit art. Rabbi Harry Sky, Rabbi Emeritus of Temple Beth El in Portland, is such a man. After he was given a piece of Inuit art as a gift, he discovered that many Inuit carvings and prints depicting transformations resonate with his belief that all people are “in a state of becoming.”

Last year Sky donated his collection of 36 carvings and two prints to the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum, which has launched the new exhibition, In a State of Becoming: Inuit Art from the Collection of Rabbi Harry Sky.

One thought on “Arctic Museum Presents Inuit Art from Rabbi Harry Sky Collection

  1. Peter H Dragonas, M D, '59

    Why would it be a surprise that an educated and sensitive CLERIC could have this interest? There are private collections and museums inspired by Men of The Torah and their Congregations. This is part of a legacy. Visit The Rubin Museum on W 17th in NYC for one! I would like to know if his proximity to Bowdoin and the Arctic Museum inspired him. The College has many friends that endow their treasures for “The Common Good” and perpetual protection. Philanthropy has many faces.

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