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Alternative Winter Break: Bowdoin Students On The Ground, In The Community Archives

One group of Alternative Winter Break students volunteered with immigrants and refugees at Portland Adult Education.

This year, nearly 20 students gave up the comforts of home to pitch in for a demanding week of volunteering with Portland community groups through Alternative Winter Break, administered by the McKeen Center for the Common Good.

Robbie Harrison ’14, co-led a group working with immigrant and refugee communities, including adult English-language learners at Portland Adult Education.

“We talked with students who come from different countries and speak two or three languages, they have worked so much harder than we have, and yet we’re the ones telling them how to reach college,” said Harrison.

“It gave us a lot to think about after we got back from Portland,” he added. “We’re privileged to be young and working on our education. Privilege with a capital P. It is daunting.”

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