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Over two days in late October, prior to start of the 2011-12 hockey season, the Bowdoin Facilities crew at Watson Arena meticulously hand-painted the Polar Bear at center ice.

One thought on “Video: The Polar Bear Returns to Center Ice

  1. Cy Allen '66

    As a former member of the team, I follow Bowdoin hockey closely and I just learned through the NESCAC website that Bowdoin vacated their 2011 championship due to some vague social policy transgression by a player or players. I have never seen this announced in any Bowdoin communication or correspondence with alumni and I am little taken aback that there was apparently never much discussion/notification on this problem. I can never remember such a thing occurring before with a championship Bowdoin team and felt it certainly deserved a lot more explanation by Bowdoin administration. I don’t know if I am the 10% that just doesn’t get the word or if this whole embarrassing incident was kind of low keyed. I would appreciate it if you would forward my concerns to the AD and President Mills.
    Thank you,
    Cy Allen ’66

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