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After 37 years at the College, Craig McEwen, Bowdoin’s Daniel B. Fayerweather Professor of Political Economy and Sociology, and Senior Faculty Fellow in the Center for the Common Good, is retiring. As he emerged from teaching his last class Wednesday, he was greeted by a standing ovation outside his Criminology and Criminal Justice classroom in Sills Hall.

“Thank you, this is enough to bring tears to my eyes,” said McEwen. “[This is] hardly expected – deeply appreciated. My 37 years have been wonderful years.” Amid rounds of applause, he added, “I don’t think it will be like this when I leave the final exam.”

6 thoughts on “Video: Standing Ovation for Retiring Prof. Craig McEwen

  1. Curt Webber

    Probably no one who was applauding even knew of Craig’s valuable service as a member of the Board of Overseers of the Bar a number of years ago. When Craig sp0ke at a meeting of theBoard, everyone present paid attention.

  2. Jay Espy

    I was so glad to see this video. The course on authority I was fortunate to take from Craig in the late 70’s was among the most influential of my entire academic career. Bowdoin and Maine have benefitted greatly from his intellect, energy, dedication and heart. I’m certain the entire college community is standing in his honor at this time.

  3. Walter Gans

    Congratulations, Craig, on your great “first” career. What now? Practicing & writing about alternative dispute resolution? Yiur wisdom is needed in the profession.

    Best wishes,


  4. Jeanie Coltart

    Professor McEwen was one of the best professors I had at Bowdoin! I wish him a very happy retirement.

  5. Jayne Deane-White

    Prof McEwen was one of the best teachers I have ever studied with. He cares deeply about teaching and the student. I wish him a happy second career.

  6. Nancy Helmus Hemphill

    Professor McEwen was a great teacher. Although I graduated in 1978, I can still recall the “Acirema” sociology assignment, as well as the urban bus drivers lesson. And who could forget our field trip to Maine Central Prison?

    Seriously, Dr. McEwen has been a positive influence on me as an attorney, mediator, and medical regulator, and I thank him for the opportunity to learn from him.

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