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Katie Benner ’99: ‘The Triumph of Blackstone on Wall Street’ (Fortune) Archives

Katie Benner '99. Photo: Karsten Moran '05


Fortune writer Katie Benner ’99 examines the success of private equity giant Blackstone and the man at the top, Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder Steve Schwarzman.

Benner  writes that it often feels that Schwarzman’s philosophy infuses every inch of Blackstone.

“Employees high and low preach the need to operate with a ‘zero defect’ mentality,” writes Benner in the article. “They all express an intolerance of error, a willingness to challenge one another, and constant vigilance against the prospect of losing money.” Read the Fortune article.

Trustee John Studzinski ’78 runs Blackstone Advisory Partners and is a senior managing director of The Blackstone Group.

Benner was profiled in the Summer 2010 issue of Bowdoin magazine, along with Fortune managing editor Andy Serwer ’81, writer-reporter Beth Kowitt ’07 and former publisher Hugh Wiley ’82.