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Bowdoin’s Camill, Permafrost Carbon Research Network: Thawing Permafrost Will Worsen Global Warming (Nature) Archives

Massive amounts of greenhouse gases trapped under permafrost (frozen ground, in this case, an area that covers nearly half of Canada) will likely seep into the air over the next several years, accelerating global warming much more rapidly that previously thought, says a group of scientists that includes Phil Camill, Bowdoin’s Rusack Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Earth and Oceanographic Science, and director of  the Environmental Studies Program.

Camill is one of 41 scientists from around the globe forming the Permafrost Carbon Research Network, which met this summer, and whose findings are published in the latest issue of the journal Nature. (The article is available to those on campus here and to others here by subscription or one-time fee.) Findings have also been cited in many media outlets across the country, including The Washington Post, Bloomberg/Businessweek and Time. In a demonstrative video, Permafrost Carbon Research Network member Katey Walter Anthony shows us what lies beneath.