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Tangerine Tango, Color of the Year for 2012. Photo: Pantone.


Call it an orange crush. The Pantone Color Institute has announced that Tangerine Tango, a “spirited reddish-orange,” is the top color of 2012 and is already showing up on fashion runways and in print, textiles and other goods.

“There’s the element of encouragement with orange, it’s building on the ideas of courage and action, that we want to move on to better things,” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director at Pantone, in Washington Post coverage. “I think it would be a disservice to go with a relaxed, soothing color now.”



One thought on “And the 2012 Color of the Year Is… (Washingon Post)

  1. Keith Halloran '77

    GOOD GRIEF !!! Getting scary flashbacks from the late 70’s and early 80’s when Orange/Yellow/Brown replaced the ubiquitous Olive/Gold of the early 70s in kitchens and Bathrooms … Just ripped out olive, and yellow, and tan colored toilets from my house and replaced them with white, elongated and raised seat toilets with water saving mechanisms … I couldn’t stand the tyranny of yesterday’s color craze … I like Bowdoin’s colors … White, and Black.

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