Video: Artist Todd Siler ’75 Receives Leonardo da Vinci World Award of Arts (Tartu Ülikool)

Visual artist, writer, inventor and polymath Todd Siler ’75 was presented the Leonardo da Vinci World Award of Arts by the World Cultural Council November 10, 2011, at the University of Tartu in Estonia. Lauded for his lifelong creative and innovative contributions to contemporary art and science, Siler speaks with gratitude of realizing his dream of integrating “the science of art and the art of science.” The presentation begins at 38:00 with an introduction and video tribute. Siler’s remarks begin at 47:50, and include his thanks to Thomas Cornell, Bowdoin’s Richard E. Steele Artist in Residence, at 55:00.

Following the award ceremony, Siler delivered the public talk, “ArtScience: Cultivating A World of “Metaphormers (Lifelong Learners, Discoverers, Creators, Inventors, Innovators, Problem-Solvers, Collaborators).”