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Schooner Bowdoin Subject of Upcoming Exhibit (Maritime Executive) Archives

The storied past of the schooner Bowdoin is to be brought to life next summer at an exhibit at the Castine Historical Society.

Built for Arctic expeditions by famed explorer Donald B. MacMillan, of the Bowdoin Class of 1898, the Bowdoin is now used by Maine Maritime Academy as a training ship.

Read more about the schooner and the upcoming exhibit.

One thought on “Schooner Bowdoin Subject of Upcoming Exhibit (Maritime Executive)

  1. Howard Levin, 1954

    In 1954, Bowdoin freshman had the obligation to take English4, Public Speaking. It was my first real opportunity to speak to a group about a variety of topics. My section was taught by Pat Quinby who directed theater at the College for many years. The speech I remember best and which awed me the most was by Dave Osgood of the Class of ’54. The subject of his talk was the trip he took on The Bowdoin the summer before our freshman year. It brought to light the extraordinary opportunities that exist in this world and also the relationship that Bowdoin, the college, has to the Arctic and the environment.

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